Cute Blinking Unicorn


Scanned the Cat Collection from my #Inktober sketchbook. 





Douglas Adams is the best when it comes to describe characters

they need to teach classes on Douglas Adams analogies okay

He leant tensely against the corridor wall and frowned like a man trying to unbend a corkscrew by telekinesis.”

"Stones, then rocks, then boulders which pranced past him like clumsy puppies, only much, much bigger, much, much harder and heavier, and almost infinitely more likely to kill you if they fell on you.”

"He gazed keenly into the distance and looked as if he would quite like the wind to blow his hair back dramatically at that point, but the wind was busy fooling around with some leaves a little way off.”

"It looked only partly like a spaceship with guidance fins, rocket engines and escape hatches and so on, and a great deal like a small upended Italian bistro.”

"If it was an emotion, it was a totally emotionless one. It was hatred, implacable hatred. It was cold, not like ice is cold, but like a wall is cold. It was impersonal, not as a randomly flung fist in a crowd is impersonal, but like a computer-issued parking summons is impersonal. And it was deadly - again, not like a bullet or a knife is deadly, but like a brick wall across a motorway is deadly.”

And, of course:

"The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don’t."

the one that will always stay with me is “Arthur Dent was grappling with his consciousness the way one grapples with a lost bar of soap in the bath,” i feel like that was the first time i really understood what you could do with words.

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I just found out i actually have another “surprise” quiz in my Data Structures and Files class besides the Fluid Mechanics midterm tomorrow and the amazing Applied Statistics midterm on friday. Hahaha i’m so tired



Rotoscoping exercise based on Nadia Micault’s Sonata. Reference footage taken from Personal Space by Altin Kaftira & Peter Leung.


everyone should see this movie ヽ(○´∀`)ノ♪


"Narrator: The pie-maker helped his friends in need. Not by pretending he was something he was not but by embracing the very thing he always was. It gave him a feeling of joy he would later liken to leaping tall buildings in a single bound.”

for CC (m-o-r-p-h-i-n-3), who requested angel!Ned









#Hugh Laurie for the next Master

#Hugh Laurie for God

 #hugh laurie

#Hugh Laurie for Hugh Laurie

#Hugh Laurie for Meryl Streep

Sorry…but can you imagine Hugh Laurie and Peter Capaldi as the Doctor and the Master?
Oh hello glorious sasswar and dynamics I can’t even imagine 
the only problem is that Hugh is taller than Peter…


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Day 15 : Dream

This is my rendition of Dream (of the Endless) as an African prince. Complete with quote by Neil Gaiman. The main image is done in brush and ink. Writing is done in Micron 08 pen. 



Twitter reacts to the Michael Dunn sentence today. Dunn was sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole.